NEW ITEMS:

We are a Colt dealer and have a limited offering in stock. Call for pricing.

We are also working on getting a credit card system in our store but there will not be a shopping cart on our website.  If you see an item and want to purchase it you can call  us to verify it is in stock and pay by credit card over the phone.  We are taking Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Due to increased processing fees regrettably we are now adding 3% of the total sale to all credit card transactions.

We also are carrying a limited selection of ammo at our store.

We are carrying the line of SLIP 2000 cleaners and lubricants.  This line has a proven track record of providing excellent lubrication in several lines of AR rifles as well as semi-auto pistols under demanding conditions and has the added benefits of being completely petroleum free and aiding in protecting the environment by being biodegradable.  The SLIP 2000 line now includes cleaning patches and we are also stocking their new cleaning kits.

We are now a stocking Aero Precision dealer.  Using this manufacturers platform our Gunsmith is building custom rifles that perform as good as they look.

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